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I fucked my sister’s best friend


I fuck my sister’s best friend at her home, take advantage when she is in the bathroom to surprise her. At first she is frightened, but then begins to flirt with me. I knew what was coming and she was also looking forward to it. For some time I wanted to fuck her, but my sister would not let me because she’s her best friend.

She takes me to her bedroom and starts lowering my pants, to lick my dick and put it in her mouth. I just let her lick it for a while, I wanted to see her pussy. Threw her in her bed and takeout the little clothes she had left..

I started to lick it hard as she recorded me. I dont stop licking her pussy until she begs me to stop. I stop and quickly put my dick in her wet pussy. After fucking her for a long time, I end up putting her on her knees and me cumming into her mouth.

I hope my sister never finds out…..