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My roommate try fuck me while asleep


My roommate is a fapper who always looks at me with eyes of desire. I recently caught him poking around in my underwear. The point is that he is handsome and makes me hot. But he’s a fucking crazy He no respects me. My friends tell me to leave the apartment that any day force me. And that was what happened yesterday ..

I had arrived in the morning to the house after a very long party. I was very tired and I went to my room to sleep. I almost could not move, I was dead and I needed to rest. He the advantage that I was so tired to begin to grope and masturbate on me. While i asleep. I thought that everything was a dream, but I woke up. And he was fucking me! I tried to resist, but it was already very hot and I started to enjoy it. Every time I wanted more and more. Until he ends up cums on my ass.

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